Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Loretta Jacket Design by The Queenie Sisters

 I think this will be my next project, I've had this captured in Evernote since September, 10th, 2010 - about time, don't you think?

Pattern from Lisa Souza Knitwear

Monday, May 6, 2013

My finally finished cowl!

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear this until next winter. But soon after I finished it, we had an April full of cold, damp and wet snow! I have really enjoyed this, and when I wake up, I throw it on to ward off the early morning chill.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthing JOI Designs

Now that winter is over, my hibernationism is in remission, kids have moved out of the house, I am ready to reclaim my room and manifest JOI Designs on the physical plane.

I've made more mistakes than most and think I can save my knitting friends some time and trouble by teaching sock, shawl and cowl knitting. I've been thinking about this for some time, but life has got in the way. Our local book store has a really wonderful comfortable room for hire, and that's where I want to teach my classes.

Would be nice to retire owning a knit shop! One never knows what can happen in the sparkle of an eye!

Speaking of retiring, hehehe!

But if it ever happens, I'll be pretty broke all the time. Years of raising 6 kids has left me penniless as in retirement savings? Get real!!

Sooooo wouldn't it be nice to own my home? I've been bitten by the tiny house bug. I've always loved tiny houses, and so many kids, never could indulge. But now it's a movement, and there will be enough in my retirement fund to just go out and buy one outright! Live on the side of a mountain and be happy, knitting all day, and getting snowed in. My forever dream. So that's why you'll see pictures of tiny houses here and there from now on. Just the ones that catch my eye!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WOW - a year sure went by fast!

My sister has been telling me to post, but what to post? I've been in a standstill since last May. Kids moved back in, I lost my sewing room again, then winter set in and I had extreme hibernationism, extreme!
 hibernation (haɪbəˈneɪʃn)n Condition affecting some mammals causing them to pass the winterin a dormant condition with metabolism greatly slowed down, as in non existent
Please talk softly and just leave me alone!
 I completed the After Hours Shawl (below), it's hanging as a valance over a kitchen window. It came out way too small.
After Hours Shawl

Crescent City Shawlette
I completed the Crescent City Shawlette and used a mohair blend - NEVER AGAIN! my nose is still itching! This one's not blocked yet. It also came out much smaller than the picture!

Allure Shawl
I completed the Allure Shawl, and my co-worker fell in love with it and I sold it to her for the cost of the yarn. This one blocked out really nice, I am going to make another one! I was getting better and I knew it.

Georgianna Shawl
I completed the Georgianna Shawl  for my daughter, blocked it and had fans blowing on it for 24 hours, then folded it nicely and Fedex'd it overnight just in time for a Christmas present. I don't even remember what it looked like. But she recently went to Florida for a week of resting and told me she had it with her! I also loved this one the minute I saw the pattern. I'm going to make another one of these too!

I started and ripped out three cowls, I walk and ride my bike and decided I should have one. The pattern I settled on is one I designed by looking for patterns that look good on both sides. I knew dimensions by this time, and it just came out beautifully! I used an alpaca/wool blend called Berroco Ultra Alpace Yarn in the color - Lobster Mix and I'm SO happy with it! It's really comforting, a wool and alpaca blend, and super soft. I was afraid that when it was finished, it would be next year, but  wound twice around my neck, helped me last through the unbelievable frigid April winter we had around here. Worn once around the neck it hangs on my shoulders and is very comforting and warm. I want to make another one for work for those cold air-conditioned days we'll get this summer. I also love to put it on in the morning so I can stay in my light pajamas and not be chilled. For next winter I'll make a hat and mittens in the same yarn and will have a full set! I need to take a picture of my cowl and will get that up soon!

I've made several socks since my last post, and they have all worn out by now. They were all two socks at a time, circular needles, toe up. I'll get back on a sock knitting binge and post those when I get there.

SO, I haven't been slackin', just curled up on the couch, when I wasn't at my day job, and knitting away as one should when they have hibernationism. It was cold and wet outside and dark. Knitting on the bus in the morning and on the way home at night. LOVE IT!!